Finding the Perfect Vendors, After You Have Found the Perfect Venue

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Once you have selected the venue, finding vendors is the next and crucial step in your wedding planning.

Having worked closely with so many couples-to-be while they go through all their wedding planning and management, we for sure know that finding the right vendors can go a long way to either uplift or ruin your wedding night. One tiny mistake from one incompetent vendor soon becomes the only thing you remember. And you are left wishing if only that hadn’t happened, if only you had picked someone else, if only you could slap that jerk in their face, if only…

On the other hand, a smart and experienced vendor – be it a caterer, photographer, DJ, or others –can turn your wedding night into everlasting and unforgettable. That’s why almost every couple has a hard time finalizing their pick.

· How to find the perfect vendors

· How to know the ones you’re talking to or thinking of wouldn’t ruin your night

· How to know they can deliver what they offer

· Is this quote legit or is it too much?

…are some of the very common questions almost everyone couple goes through. Babe, sometimes it feels much harder than finding the perfect life-partner.

But finding vendors doesn’t have to be so hard…

In fact, if you follow this simple piece of advice, it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Just imagine having that never-ending list of “options” reduced to the best and selected few who are tested and hand-vetted for their performance. And having a trustable persona telling you what makes them the best.

And no, we are not talking about wedding planners.

Before jumping to that tiny little secret, let’s have a look at the usual traits of the perfect vendors –

Getting Quotes

Unless you are a seasoned event or wedding planner, there is no way you can know about all the options available. Most people rely on Google and Yelp for their initial searches. But just because someone has the perfect website and ranking, doesn’t mean they can deliver the level of experience and service you are looking for.

The best providers don’t really have the time, energy, and need to update their web page or manage social media. They are the best because they spend most of their time and energy in providing impeccable services. They have already built a profile and connections within the industry and do not rely on amateur services to get work.

Experience & Track Record

Before you fell in love with a portfolio or information desk, ask yourself this: who will put a failed event in their marketing materials? That’s why you should always take those fancy portfolios and pep talk with a grain of salt. They are designed and perfected to make you believe that you are talking to your best option ever.

Online review sites do shine some light on their track record and past clients. But who goes there to write their perfect experiences?

Believe it or not, even the best vendors have had crazy weddings. Not everyone is wired to perform with your chosen venue and other providers, which is what brings us to our next point…


As mentioned earlier – not everyone is wired to work with your chosen venue or other service providers. For example – decorators! A design that looks great in their portfolio may or may not work with your selected venue. Too far, too windy, bigger hall, higher altar, too many people… there are just way so many factors.

It’s not like either of your vendors or venue aren’t up to the mark. They just can’t work together. And you are stuck in an endless loop, with no options but to settle for something not up to the mark.


Unless you are trying to hire a salesperson or public speaker, you cannot rely on someone’s presentation skill to determine the level of professionalism and service they offer. It’s only possible by watching them work over a period of time, with different people, and in varied situations.

So far, this should be pretty clear that what you need is – an industry insider. Wedding planners would be the first to ring a bell, but they come with their own price tag and finding them is no easier either.

But what if we tell you that you can have such an insider right by your side with no extra cost or energy – it’s your venue provider. You have formed a relationship with them already. And they are committed to provide you the best experience ever. Plus they are constantly working with these vendors and know who is the best and can provide the level of services you need. They have already done the hard work for you!

So let’s have a review –

Finding contacts and getting quotes – unless it’s a venue that isn’t frequently used for weddings, your venue provider already has a list of their favorite and best vendors whom they have formed a relationship with! No need to haul Google or Yelp, just ask for recommendations!

Professionalism, Experience & Track record – the venue provider has had the first-hand experience working with their suggested vendors. So it’s only certain that they know and believe in their style and quality of work.

Collaboration – as they have collaborated and produced great results in the past, you are destined to enjoy a much better collaboration between all the providers.

Cost – Whether your venue provider has negotiated the prices already or not, they by default have much more wiggle room to negotiate a better price on your behalf. Many vendors will offer a price reduction, an extra hour or a free delivery. Little adds up to a lot!

You see how your venue provider can play a crucial role when it comes to vetting vendors? Believe us, once you have found the best venue and vendors, getting down to lay the fine details and nitty-gritty of your perfect night becomes so much easier.

In fact, you will be surprised by the sheer amount of help and ideas these guys can provide you with.

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