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  • What locations are available for use during my event?
    The main ceremony location is in the old field with the rolling farmlands and beautiful cattle grazing backdrop. It is conveniently located next to the converted old red barn for indoor ceremonies and/or receptions. The deck, off the side of the barn, serves as a great location for the cocktail hour. We also have an updated Bridal Cottage, nicely appointed, so you can get ready with your “Bride Tribe” in comfort. The Groom’s also have a great space with access to the yard and corn hole or if they prefer to wait inside, a television and a bar can keep them entertained. So, no matter what the weather is, we have the answer and we only host one event per week so you are our main priority.
  • How many people will the venue accommodate?
    The barn can seat 120 people comfortably at tables.
  • What should I know about parking?
    The area for our parking is the field marked on the right side of the driveway before you reach the barn. All guests must park in this field with the exception of handicap parking located by the barn and any vendors needing to transport items to the venue. Parking attendants will be provided.
  • How many restrooms are available?
    We provide two restrooms located inside the barn for guests’ use. The Bridal Cottage has two bathrooms for use by the bridal party only.
  • Are all areas handicapped accessible?
    Not all areas are handicapped accessible, but we strive to be as accommodating as possible. Do not hesitate to ask us about special situations and circumstances. Handicap parking spaces are available.
  • What should my vendors know about your venue?
    All vendors must be insured and show proof of insurance. Oak Creek Farms
  • Do you have a preferred list of vendors?
    But of course, however, you do not have to use them. You are free to use any vendors without buy out fees as long as the caterer is certified with a license and liability insurance. Again, all vendors must be insured, if applicable, licensed.
  • What is the timeframe for the rental?
    Decorating and organized rehearsal is done on Friday between the hours of 12-6. Saturday you can come as early as 9 am and music is off by 10 pm with clean up completed by 11 pm. Personal items and food all must be removed Saturday after your event.
  • Will OCF Farm staff be on-site during the event? Rustic Wedding Venue near me
    Yes! We will be on-site to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and work with your vendors to ensure that your timeline is running smoothly.
  • What about clean up?
    You will be responsible for removing all items brought to the venue for your event, including any leftover food, and personal items. Any spills or stains should be removed or wiped up as well. You will need to put away all OCF décor items back to the storage area that you found them. We offer a Clean Up Service for an additional $350.
  • What is required to book my event?
    We require a signed contract and an initial payment of $1,000 to confirm your reservation. It is first-come, first-serve and will be “booked” when those are completed. A security “damage” deposit of $500 will be due with the final venue fee, 60 days before your event date. This security deposit will be refunded within 14 days after your event as long as contract terms are observed – our goal is to return 100% of all deposits! All payment terms are outlined in detail in our contract. A day of event insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Oak Creek Farm Weddings, LLC as additional insured must be obtained and COI (certificate of insurance) provided to Oak Creek Farm 60 days prior to the event. We will be happy to assist with this process and usually costs less than $300, depending on the agency used.
  • Do I need to make an appointment to tour?
    YES! We are a working cattle farm, so when we don’t have weddings, we are typically working out on the farm. We require appointments to tour the facility and you can contact us or call 540-219-1820.
  • Is the venue priced less if we only use it for one day instead of two?
    At our venue, we offer a two-day rental option as a way to help make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. This allows you ample time to set up and decorate the space according to your vision, without feeling rushed. Additionally, our two-day rental price is designed to be competitive and more affordable compared to other one day venues in our area.
  • Can I bring my own alcohol?
    Yes. We require a VA ABC one day Banquet Permit whenever you provide (not sell) alcohol for your guests. We do not allow “shots” and we do require a bartender whenever liquor is served.
  • What is not allowed?
    No firearms, weapons of any type, drugs or unauthorized alcohol, glitter, birdseed, rice or confetti.
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